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What to Do in Nevada City?

About Nevada City:

Located in Nevada County, California, US, Nevada City is one of the most beautiful cities in America. It is 147 miles away from Silicon Valley, San Francisco. Although not a populous city, it is indeed quite famous. According to the 2010 census, about 3,000 people live here. The present Mayor of this beautiful city is Terri Anderson. They incorporated it in April 1856. Also known as the Queen City of the Northern Mines, it has had a long history of large gold mines. According to the standard of living, this city ranks very well. Many people like to come here, be a part of the hippie culture and even choose to stay longer.

People often refer to it as a Victorian-era city. It is a well-developed and well-planned city with all the facilities. Recently, many people wish to settle and work here. Being surrounded by beautiful forests and mountains, it is also a great place to hike and engage in adventure sports. Many mining organizations have also set up their office in this city. One such is the Miners Foundry Cultural Center. This city has its film festival, environmental activities, etc.

If you are planning to visit Nevada City, you must know what are the best things to do there.


Top Things to Do in Nevada City:

1. Hiking: As mentioned above, forests and mountains surround Nevada City. Because of this, it is a preferred spot for hiking, riding, and even skiing in winters. You can easily get to Tahoe National Forest with your friends or family and do any of these. There are also many rivers, which open up the option of rafting and other water recreation.

2. Film Festivals: Nevada City is popular for its film festivals. Experts ranked the film festival that the city hosts in the top 3 in the US. At Nevada City Film Festival, many filmmakers and artists visit to appreciate cinema. It is also the buzz of the town when it is time for the film festival. There is also another less popular but amazing film festival. It is the Wild & Scenic Film Festival that this city hosts every year.

3. Art Galleries: Yes! Nevada City is also popular for its art and history galleries. You can not only enjoy the top-quality painting exhibitions but also appreciate the artists who come there. Apart from these, Nevada City is also popular for its history. You can find museums and galleries that depict the ancient art and history of the city.

4. Live Theatre: Live theatre is another gem of the city. People here love art and cinema. Because of this, the theatres here are still running profitably. You can easily get a show and enjoy your evening watching some classical drama or theatre scenes.

5. Winery: You can also visit the local winery for a perfect wine tasting experience. If you are someone who enjoys the art of wine and its taste, you must visit here. They keep hosting sessions and special programs to attract tourists from around the world. You can plan a trip with your friends or family and experience it all in Nevada City.