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Discover the Hidden Beauty of the Islands of Maine

Maine is a state in the northeast of the United States of America. It has a rocky coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. It was called ‘Land of the Frozen Ground.’ More than four-fifths of the land is a forest, and hence the landscape is beautiful. The coastline is a series of peninsulas, estuaries, coves, bays, and fjords. The tides along the coast are among the strongest in the world. There are about 1200 islands off the coast, and some are just rocky ledges, while others are the homes of fishermen and summer residents. 


How The Islands of Maine Are Unique

The islands of Maine are beautiful and pristine. Many of them formed when glaciers retreated during the ice age. If you look at the islands from the primary coast of Maine, you will see that many of them have lighthouses. Some of the islands have Cape-Cod style houses and villages that are quaint. You can explore the shorelines in a kayak and explore the islands either on foot or on a cycle. 


The Main Attractions on Deer Isle

Deer Isle is in Penobscot Bay. You can reach the island going from the mainland because there is a road over a towering bridge that people built in 1939. The island is beautiful, and you can obtain a map to help you to explore it better. You could also visit the many galleries and studios. The Deer Isle Granite Museum and the Stonington Opera House are the main attractions on this island.


Vinalhaven Island Is A Haven for Birdwatchers

Vinalhaven Island is another beautiful place that attracts visitors. People may not like to swim there because of the freezing water, but tide-pooling is a popular activity. Smaller uninhabited islands surround this one. People love to walk along the coastline and enjoy the sunset. They even take a kayak to the smaller uninhabited islands. Birdwatchers like to visit the island as there are plenty of marine birds that interest them. 


Visit Bar Island for Fishing, Trail Running, and Hiking

Bar Island is uninhabited and is a part of Acadia National Park. People call it ‘Bar’ Island because it is across a sand bar. You can get to the island on foot when the tide is low. Those who enjoy beachcombing visit Bar Island. Bird and wildlife watching are also popular there. People also enjoy fishing, trail running, and hiking on this island. People also love to walk along the trails and look at the pretty flowers. 


Discover Hidden Beaches and Coves at Chebeague Island

Chebeague Island is a popular summer holiday destination. It is in Casco Bay, and this island is only three by five miles in size. You can explore it on a bicycle. In doing so, you can discover hidden beaches, inlets, and coves. You could have a picnic with your family on the island or do some beachcombing at Deer Point. You could also watch the sunset from Sunset Beach. 


The Smallest Island of Casco Bay

Cliff Island is the smallest island of Casco Bay. You can get to it by sailing from Portland. On this island, you can enjoy the peace while you dwell on nature’s exquisite beauty. People enjoy fishing on the island. Other popular activities include boating, bird watching, and cycling. If you use the Casco Bay lines ferry, you can do some island hopping to visit Long Island and Chebeague Island.