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What is a Solarium in an Apartment?

What is a Solarium?

A solarium is like an enclosed space where the ceiling or windows are made of transparent glass. The purpose is to allow natural sunlight to pass through the windows or ceiling. One of the major reasons people build a solarium in an apartment is for stargazing, sunbathing, tanning, etc.

It is one of the oldest buzzes in the interior design industry. Most often, people also choose to place a few pieces of furniture in the solarium and work there on cold winter days. Considering the changing lifestyle and pollution, solarium could be a good option for getting some sunlight. While being inside your home, you can maintain your vitamin D source.

In some regions, many people use it for sunbathing. They place only a few pieces of furniture in the room and choose it as a place for relaxing. Although, health experts never recommend spending too much time in a solarium in a day. This is because the glasses used cannot filter the UV rays. Once in continuous contact with skin, these rays can even cause skin cancer.

Therefore, experts recommend using it in the early morning or wear sun protection creams. SPF-15 and 17 are some labels in them. Let us now see some helpful tips in case you plan to get a solarium or already have one.


Helpful Tips for Your Solarium:

1. Better to spend the night. Unlike popular belief, a solarium is better for the night. Especially, if your solarium has a glass ceiling. This could be a glorious experience if you wish to stargaze and relax at night. For most apartments, there are only glass windows.

2. Although a solarium might not need much lighting, people recommend using the ceiling for it. This is because if you keep the windows of glass, putting a light above on the wall might spoil the look. Go for ceiling lights that can also dim.

3. A solarium could be expensive if you are looking to get one in an apartment. This is because apartments don’t always have a side facing the sun or an open area outside. Hence, either try getting one on the top floor or the east side of the building.

4. Remember to not use temperature-sensitive devices in there. In summer afternoons, solarium could get boiling. While lacking proper ventilation facilities, it could be a nightmare for your devices. It is also difficult to install cooling mechanisms in a solarium because of its design. But, recently, many people have built smaller glass windows to use as a solarium. This is a good option if you do not want to light the entire room with sunlight.

Hence, a solarium is an enclosed room with a glass ceiling or large windows. Apart from these tips, it is helpful if you carry moisturizers and sunscreens. If you plan to relax in the solarium for a long to get a suntan, stay hydrated and wear the protection creams in all exposed areas. There have been several incidents of skin diseases because of a solarium.