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Wanna Get Paid To Travel? Pack Up And Head to Malta!

Getting paid to visit places is not just for influencers anymore! Many countries and regions are paying tourists to come over and stay awhile, hoping that it will help boost income and promote travel. One of those places is


The Breakdown

After initial estimations, Malta claimed that they should welcome close to or just over 35,000 travelers with their budget. The way they are allocating funds takes the cost of accommodation into account, giving travelers incentives the more expensive the hotel is. For example, those that choose 5-start hotels can expect around $100 a night, and those at 3-starts can earn close to $75. Not only is the government handing out freebies, but hotels are on board, said to match incentives to double the goodies.

They are not just stopping there, adding another 10% incentive if travelers wish to hop over to Gozo. Gozo, too, was affected, seeing a steep decrease in travelers in 2020. All incentives and seemingly “too good to be true” occurrences come after a year of the country falling behind, losing 30% of their total revenue due to the decrease in tourism.


The Fine Print

Acceptance for the travel deal is possible after anxious travelers fill out an application. Even if funds run out, other travelers can take advantage and come on over to the island, enjoying the beautiful sights and unique cuisine. Though Malta will pay and add incentives to a hotel stay, travelers still have to beware of restrictions in the country, providing a negative Covid-19 test taken 72-hours before they land.

Malta was hit hard by the pandemic, seeing over an 80% decrease in revenue. Their infrastructure is on travelers, with many of their facilities marketed toward those looking to take a vacation. There are casinos, entertainment, great food, and good sights. Just like many countries, they are trying to get back into gear, vaccinating everyone as fast as they can.


Travelers Beware

While taking off and visiting the island of Malta sounds like a dream, especially if they are paying for it, there will still be some hesitation. Some countries hope to welcome travelers without all of the restrictions, attempting to vaccinate the population.  There may be additional restrictions for some travelers, some of them having to quarantine for 14 days.

There is still a lot of time between now and June, and anything can change. While the island is sticking to their initial claims, they, too, will have to wait and see. Travelers that would like to try and make a trip happen can fill out the form without any repercussions, seeing if they get approved and planning holiday travel after a year dealing with lockdowns.