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Turkey’s Got Things Rolling Just in Time for Summer Travel

With vaccinations out and about, the world is wondering when the traveling will start. Some countries are on the ball, getting high percentages of their population vaccinated. Others are not rolling as fast as they thought, which could put them in a vulnerable position come winter. One country that’s showing out and creating an example for others is Turkey, which has started vaccinating all those that work in tourism.


Beating Them to the Punch

Just like other countries, Turkey also felt last year’s closures. Not only were things shut down inside of the county, but travel was shut off for a large portion of the summer season. Instead of letting that happen again, Turkey’s government is stepping up and now looking to vaccinating so that they can get back up and running. They’ve put a sharp focus on all of those involved with travel, including airport staff, tour guides, hotel staff, and much more.


Summer’s Looking Brighter

Their latest initiative came after realizing the amount that the country brings in from international travel. Plus,  analysts foresee that travelers will be itching to hop on a place, choosing countries that will let them enter without any penalties or quarantine time. The summer months are known to bring in large numbers of tourists, as half of the world goes on vacation or takes the summer off to take off and see the world. That’s why, since June of last year, they’ve hit the ground running, adopting strict guidelines for health and safety.


The Number of Certified Safe Facilities is Increasing Daily

As of now, there are a reported 8,000 facilities that are certified as safe for travelers. These facilities are hotels, airports, and restaurants, bringing hope back after more than a year of dealing with the ups and downs of a global pandemic. The country will not stop there, continuing to vaccinate as many people as they can each day so that, eventually, Covid-19 will be a thing of the past. They are moving fast, on track to reach their goal.


Creating an Example

On a global scale, Turkey is definitely a model country, rolling out the vaccine and getting a head start on herd immunity. Other countries are looking at Turkey for inspiration, as they too are brainstorming ways to open back up to receive travelers. It’s not sure how things will pan out. Especially now with talks about new variants, vaccine shortages, and side effects.

Instead of the typical bad news associated with the global pandemic, Turkey gives others hope that this will soon all be behind us. Though the exact date for re-open isn’t decided, the country said that everything is moving toward opening right before the summer season starts. It’s not yet clear what they will request from travelers, if anything, putting them on the map as a desired destination for many. The world is on its way to moving again. Turkey will not be the only place accepting summer travelers, with other countries expected to follow suit.