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The Continuous Evolution Of Travel

If you think back to the way we used to travel, you’ll notice that we’ve come a long way. From those old traveler’s checks and upgraded security, there has been a bit of improvement along the entire line of travel. Though several things work way better than they used to, there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Things that delay check-in and lost luggage are still issues in travel, but the cloud may be able to change that.


The Modernization of Travel

When the pandemic hit, several industries had to rush to try and adjust their daily doings. The rise of touchless technologies and remote work spread across the globe and brought travel to a stop. To keep up with the need to change, a few airports rushed to develop technologies that could limit contact between persons and increase the space between them. Teaming up with Amazon Web Services (AWS), airports like Houston International set out to restructure their IT infrastructure.

Using help from the cloud and other new and innovative technology, airports can optimize organization while making check-in, bag checks, and other requirements more efficient. This new technology surprised airports that gave it a shot, showing them a whole new way to do things.


Customers Talked, Airlines Listened

One of the key inspirations for developers working on new and improved travel was customer comments. They poured over forums and surveys to narrow down the top things that customers wished airlines would improve. What they found were several requests to make things run smoother and decrease wait times. Including on that list was:

  • More innovation
  • Fewer disruptions
  • Zero bumps along their trajectory
  • Better baggage systems
  • Better options for those with disabilities

They know that with more things that customers crave, they have a sure way to increase customer experience. That’s why they’re hard at work, especially now that they have the time. Airports are slower than they used to be, cutting down on the number of trips that they have operating. All of this is due to the global pandemic, which is why developers are taking advantage now.


The Cloud in the Clouds?

While much of this technology is still in its very early stages, it’s promising enough to say that we’ll see it in the future. Using the cloud, airports have a way to deal with information, making things run smoother getting rid of all of those pesky things that travelers hate. Adding automation, creating chatbots, and adding more self-operated technologies, airports are set to transform, and much sooner than we might think.

The scalability of cloud infrastructure leaves room for new and improved technologies, providing a more secure and efficient way to travel. These new technologies will not only promote more enjoyable travel but increase safety, just in case a new pandemic breaks out in the near future. It’s not something we like to think about now but, we never know when a year like 2020 will make its way back.