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Sleeper Trains Are Making A Comeback

Trains might seem like an out-of-date means of transport but, they are making a comeback. Not only are they more sustainable but are more spacious and scenic than the airplane. The United States has hopped back on board with the Amtrak after Joe Biden was elected president, painting a promising future for the railways. And, Europe is setting up for the production of a whole new breed of sleeper trains.


What’s A Sleeper Train

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but a sleeper train is pretty common. There are already several scattered around the world, connecting to places like Ireland, England, and Europe. They get their name from the fact that they operate overnight, with enough space to get some sleep while you ride the tracks to your desired destination. They were slowly dying off, losing business when airlines finally dropped prices. But they are making a comeback, coming back on the map for their unique ability to sightseeing while taking off to a whole new country.


New Routes Hitting the Scenes

Europe recently shared its goal to release at least six new sleeper trains in the next four years. These new routes will include destinations like Amsterdam, Vienna, Munich, and Zurich. Currently, there are enough connections along the rails to make these happen, creating a lot of excitement and buzz. Sleeper train company Eurostar also has new routes hitting the ground in Paris, Amsterdam, and Venice. Starting in December 2022, there will be a line from Zurich to Rome and from Berlin to Brussels, completing an entirely new map and trajectory that’s gotten travel enthusiasts more than excited.


Things Are Opening Back Up

Some sleeper train services were put to a halt last year after a steep drop-in use. The reduction in the interest in riding along the tracks in a sleeper train has to do with several occurrences. One of the most impacting is the global pandemic and the lower airline fares due to competition. However, all of these companies are back up and operating, set to have everything rolling by the end of May.

A complete railway connection is something that might not happen for a very long time. The end goal is to connect several parts of Europe and North America with sleeper trains. Unlike their other transportation equivalents, trains are more sustainable and cut pollution down when compared to a car or plane ride.


Destinations Are More Accessible Than Ever

The best thing about the reintroduction of the sleeper train is that there is an emphasis on evolving the way we travel. Not only do we have the airways and highways, but now we have the railways too. Adding another means of transportation, we’ll likely see a dip in cost and additional routes to new and exciting destinations dropping often. Catching a train and taking a ride down the tracks is an exciting way to see the world, and now, it’s easier than ever, thanks to new and improved routes.