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How to Make a Spinner Ring?

What is a Spinner Ring?

It is not long before the world saw the obsession with fidget spinners. People believed it helped them to calm their minds and think freely. There have been many stress busters, tools, and gadgets in the past. Some people also believe that these rings can have magical properties. Of course, this claim has no scientific proof but there is a growing community that is promoting its use. Many people also use it for meditation.

There have been several social and mind psychology experts who believe that it could be an excellent tool for managing anxiety. When a person is anxious, he needs to drift his attention away from the anxiety. In some religions, special stones and extracts help make beads. They rotate these beads between the fingers to meditate as well.

Another great use of spinner ring is to break bad habits. Quite like chewing the special gums that help reduce smoking, a spinner ring can be used. One can move it between the fingers whenever a craving occurs. There are many options for the construction of the ring. People choose their favorite metal, engraving, and even color. You can get these customized as well as easily. Let us now look at the process of making a spinner ring.


What is the Process of Making a Spinner Ring?

You can buy readymade spinner rings online, or make one of yourself at home. In case you want to build it at home, you would need some tools. Hence, experts recommend buying one online. To build a spinner ring at home, you would need few things including micro drillers, soldering tools, tiny nails, gems, hammers, etc.

You pick the raw piece of gold or any other metal you would like. You can even take aluminum, steel, or a lighter metal. First, measure the circumference of your finger, and keeping an extra margin, make a hole in the metal. The upper part should be heavier than the lower one. Further, you can solder to get the desired cut and shape.

After you have prepared the raw structure, it is time to make holes for other gems. You can choose to build a ring without gems. In such a case, you can engrave or draw something on it. We do not recommend plain rings as they are difficult to spin. Further, make a hole in the upper part of the ring which was heavier. In this part, with the help of a tiny nail, you can insert a gem. Use strong glue if it does not stay in place and close the nail.

Another important part of making a spinner ring is to ensure that you have a detailed ruler. You would need to measure everything before you set it up. If you are using gold, it becomes even more important as one mistake and your money could become a waste.

If you have built a ring at this stage, you might need to attach a few micro screws to hold the structure. Let it dry if you have engraved something on it. Further, you can polish it to do finishing work. If it still does not look the way you want, it is okay. You can visit a ring maker and get it right. Now that you have done it, spin it and relax! You can check out this YouTube video for an easier guide.