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How to Make a Pack and Play More Comfortable?

Pack ‘n Play, the popular bassinet that people used to let their kids enjoy some time alone or sleep peacefully. It is also a preferred choice for the safety of the toddler. This sleeper, also used as a bassinet, allows the parents to get their work done while their child plays. Many parents also choose it when their child is just a few days or weeks old. Experts recommend that to save money, it is one of the best buys for the baby. This is because if you buy it, you probably no longer need a separate crib or bassinet. Pack ‘n play is usually not expensive but depends on the extra features involved. The bassinet is present on top. 

Some products could be a little difficult to fold. And if you do not pick a foldable Pack ‘n play, look for space where you can put it. Experts recommend strongly to not put it in an enclosed space. The packed bassinet could make it even harder for the baby to feel comfortable. So, prefer larger areas or rooms. 

The need for Pack ‘n play came soon after people realized how tiring it was to stare at the kids. The fear of babies licking things or getting hurt at sharp corners is something practical. To curb these, Pack ‘n play came. 

Let us now look at few ways with which you can make Pack and Play even more comfortable. 


How to Make a Pack and Play More Comfortable?

Although Pack and play are made to add comfort to your child’s play and sleep, it is never a bad idea to make it more comfortable. You do not need to spend a lot of money again to make it more comfortable, you can do so at home as well. You might just need a few things. 

First, you can add some stuffed toys inside. By doing so, not only your child has fewer chances of feeling bored but also of being hurt. Soft toys are tried and tested, and every kid loves them. You can either sew some toys for them or buy them at cheap prices online. It is better if the soft toy is the cartoon character they love the most. For instance, it could be Mickey Mouse, Pikachu, Peppa pig, etc. 

While the above tip was to add fun and comfort together, you can ensure your baby’s deep sleep. You can add an extra mattress or cushion right underneath the original one, or on top of it. By doing this, whenever your child sleeps, he would find the Pack and play softer, and chances are he/she would sleep better. Similarly, you can add few cushions on the side, so that if they kick or punch something, it does not hurt their hand. 

Hence, Pack and play are one of the safest options for your child’s safety and fun. You can do the house chores, work at home or take a nap while your baby is asleep or plays inside. You do not need to worry about its safety. There would also be no need to spend money on a babysitter for extra hours.