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Why Charter Buses are Safe When Taking Seniors to Tour Penobscot Bay

Charter buses are the safest ways of traveling around from one location to the next. It’s safer to charter buses than to travel by car or airplane. As long as the charter bus company doesn’t take shortcuts when dealing with the seniors, you won’t have a reason for worrying about their safety. People hired to drive the buses are professional drivers. Consequently, there’s no reason for worrying about their competence as they take you to various parts of Penobscot Bay.

It is reliable

The drivers are a reliable lot because:

  • They have CDL, which refers to Commercial Driver’s License
  • They have passed physical requirements
  • They meet health requirements

The law requires the company providing charter bus Cleveland services to go through the stringent verification procedures put in place by the Department of Transportation in case it crosses state lines. Furthermore, the company has to satisfy specific insurance requirements as well. Therefore, the seniors have no reason for worrying about their safety since they know the law guarantees them this and that the insurer protects them while on charter buses.

Driver fatigue isn’t an issue

The law requires the drivers to work a certain number of hours each day. This ensures they never suffer driver fatigue, which could lead to accidents. Driver fatigue is one of the most notorious contributors to the road toll. Crashes related to driver fatigue are twice more likely to be fatal. If you’re tired and fall asleep while driving, you won’t be able to brake in time. Fortunately, the law protects drivers of charter buses thus ensuring they don’t experience this.

Regular inspection puts companies on toes

The federal government has put measures in place to ensure that charter buses go through intense inspection at least once each year. The check determines whether the bus is roadworthy. The inspection also checks the driver’s qualifications. The hours the driver has served while driving the bus also come into consideration during the inspection. With this level of inspection, it is difficult for the drivers or charter bus companies to embrace complacency, which compromises safety.

Fatality rates are too low

In the United States, coaches are responsible for less than 0.1 percent of the total number of road deaths each year. This makes them safer than traveling by air or road. This provides the seniors you’re transporting to Penobscot Bay with the assurance they need for their safety. However, all bus companies aren’t the same. Many unscrupulous operators are renowned for the shoddy ways they run their operations; hence, the importance of choosing wisely.

The unscrupulous operators are known for:

  1. Skimping on insurance
  2. Hiring unqualified drivers
  3. Operating buses that are not roadworthy

Therefore, what you need to remember is that it’s safe to travel to Penobscot Bay in charter bus Cleveland. You don’t have to worry about the qualifications and competency of the drivers. The drivers and buses are insured and regularly inspected to provide quality, reliable services every time you need them. Seniors will enjoy traveling in buses that don’t expose them to the possibility of ending up in fatal accidents. Charter a bus for your seniors today.

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