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Best Strategies a Penobscot Bay Business Can Reward its Loyal Customers (Free Broadway Tickets!)

Today, customers are more suave than ever before. Customers are more slippery than before. They won’t think twice about leaving your business to look for a similar product elsewhere if they think you’re not giving them the best services. Loyalty is becoming a rare commodity in customers. It’s for this reason that you must do whatever it takes to reward and retain your loyal customers, including giving them Wicked tickets. Loyal customers help your business in the following ways:

  1. Tell others your special offers
  2. Mitigate risks
  3. Grow revenue
  4. Reduce operational costs
  5. Enhance brand reputation

So, how do you reward loyal customers?

By offering cumulative discounts

Free show tickets (like these to see the very popular "Wicked The Musical") are a great way to reward loyal customers.

Free show tickets (like these to see the very popular “Wicked The Musical”) are a great way to reward loyal customers.

Let your local customers know that you will reward them with discounts once they attain specified spending targets. For example, let them know that a reward awaits the next time they spend $100. A 10 percent discount on the $100 that they spend at your store would be a great reward. However, you should encourage them to act first since the offer is for a limited time only. The reward scheme can only work and produce the desired results if you spend time and money marketing it through as many platforms as possible.

Creating Loyalty-Card Scheme

This way of rewarding customers is ideal for a business that sells high volumes of low-value items. The items that qualify for this reward scheme include drinks. Give customers a card that you would stamp whenever they purchased one of these items. Continue stamping the card until the customers reach a pre-specified number or target. Thereafter, give customers a free item similar to the one they have been purchasing. Alternatively, reward them with Wicked tickets in New York to go watch one of the most popular and longest running Broadway shows.

Giving away free items

Inform your customers that you would like to appreciate their loyalty by giving them free items. Make this form of rewarding your customers conditional. Tell them that they only qualify for the free items if they make multiple purchases. For example, feel free to join the list of local businesses that reward customers with the “buy one get one” campaign. Overusing this tactic can be detrimental to the success of your business. If your business overuses this tactic, don’t be shocked to learn that your customers are now questioning the quality of the items that you sell.

Offer reciprocal discounts

Before offering reciprocal discounts, you would need to find some other associated businesses to team up with. For example, your sports clothing shop can enter into such an arrangement with one of the local gyms. Furthermore, it doesn’t hurt if your business can reward the loyal customers with a trip to New York City by giving them Wicked tickets in New York City (see here). You would be surprised to find out that many of your customers have never been to New York City or to a Broadway show. Do this and see your customers returning to the store to buy more items.

Therefore, it’s clear that a business should reward loyal customers. Find the ways to do just that.

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