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5 Tips that Guarantee You an Excellent Time During Limo Tours

Probably you rate your local cab rides higher than limo tours for a good reason. The tours are not too popular with some people, mainly because of the bad experience they have with the drivers and limo rental companies. The second reason shows why you should only use reputable services, such as Napa Limo Tours. A car rental company that has an excellent reputation guarantees you quality every time you turn to it for limo tours or services.

So, you should do the following to get the most out of your limo tours:

Obtain references

First, ask for referrals. Stop assuming that the limo service company is genuine simply because you have seen its ads all over the place. Take time to learn everything you can about the limo company. Ask other customers who have used the company’s limos about issues such as quality of service and the condition of the limos. Check the company’s safety record too. Read reviews from other companies too. Ask the company for more information about the driver’s experience.

Check chauffeur’s credentials

Second, it’s impossible to overlook the driver’s experience or lack thereof. The chauffeur’s professionalism is something you should never take lightly. Ask for a chauffeur who knows everything about the city. The driving credentials of each person the company hires to drive clients on the limos are worth investigating deeply. The chauffeur is crucial to the experience you go through while in the limo; hence, all the more reason for doing the following:

  1. Background checks
  2. Drug and alcohol testing
  3. Safety training
  4. Licensing requirements

Perform price checks

Your experience while riding a limo depends on the price checks you perform. Ask the rental company for a quote. In fact, there’s no harm asking different companies for quotes. You can’t get accurate quotes if you fail to provide all the details the company requires. Some of the details that are essential to get an accurate quote include a number of passengers, the timeframe, dates and the reason for hiring the limo. The price should include the following:

  • Fuel surcharge
  • Administration costs
  • Toll tax

Inspect the limo

Don’t get into any limo before examining it thoroughly. A proper inspection is necessary for providing the assurance you need for your safety while in the limo. Today, the modern customer has no problem booking limo tours online. This isn’t only bad if you have used the company’s services in the past. A first-time client, on the other hand, needs plenty of assurances, hence the importance of conducting proper inspections in person. A good limo is:

  • Clean
  • Well-maintained
  • Luxurious
  • Comfortable

Lastly, sign everything on paper. Every promise or pledge the limo tour company makes should be in writing. This saves you from forgetting vital details you need for an excellent limo tour. Ask the company for detailed information about the personalized attention it intends to give you in writing. Ensure that your instructions are easy to understand so that the company doesn’t cite the ambiguity of your needs. Ask the company about its cancellation policy too.

Contact Napa Limo Tours for more information.

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